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4-Year-Old Melts Down Over First Heartbreak

4-year-old is told his crush likes another boy, adorable freaks out

Oh, first love—you beautiful, soul-crushing thing. You bloom so fast, only to whither away just as quickly, leaving someone in a puddle of sadness and heartbreak when it's all over.

So goes the tragic, and ill-fated love story of 4-year-olds Milo and Emily. Two little souls who managed to find each other in between snack time and story time.

To hear Milo tell it, their love story had been perfect—until Emily started having a crush on another boy at school, and completely left Milo in the dust. She doesn't even call anymore! Why, Emily? WHY?!

Milo's heartbreak was recently captured on camera by his mom, who sadly had to be the one to break the news about the other boy. Milo reacts by promptly freaking out. And really, who could blame him?

We'll be honest: It's kind of sad, but also pretty adorable.

Hang in there, little dude. It gets better.

(Oh, who are we kidding? No, it doesn't.)

Photo via YouTube

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