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British Family Finally Has First Girl in Over 100 Years

Imagine being part of a family that has only had little boys in it for more than a century. That was the case for British couple Danielle Andrews and Jeremy Silverton. Since 1913, the Silverton family has had 16 baby boys and not a single girl.

Andrews and Silverton already have two sons themselves, so when they found out they were expecting a little girl, the couple was in disbelief. And when little Poppy finally arrived on September 9, the entire family celebrated.

Silverton's father, David Silverton, told ABC News, "I was totally amazed. It was always boys, boys, boys. We just assumed it was going to be that way."

And it sounds like Poppy will definitely have no shortage of clothes.

"The women in our family were really pleased," Silverton shares. "I think they're pleased to finally go shopping for girls' clothes."

We hope this little princess likes the color pink!

Image via SWNS

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