Kate Middleton Is Being Shamed for Her Small Baby Bump

by Staff

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Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, made her first public appearance since announcing she and Prince William are expecting their third child together, on Oct. 10, 2017, in London. She supported World Mental Health Day at an event at Buckingham Palace, where she looked stunning in a light-blue lace Temperley dress.

Kensington Palace’s Instagram page shared a photo from the event, and immediately the 35-year-old was criticized for her slender frame.

“Really, is she pregnant?” one user wrote. Another compared herself to the royal, writing, “She is further along than me in pregnancy and she looks stunning and I'm over here looking like a cow.”

While Kate has not announced her due date, she is believed to be due in March or April 2018, being forced to announce her pregnancy six weeks ago and before the three-month mark, as she had done in the past, because of the severe morning sickness she suffers from.

Fortunately, others praised her for making the important appearance while she isn’t feeling her best, with one person writing, “Thumbs up on the initiative but more importantly looking so composed and well with really rough morning sickness!”

Photograph by Getty Images

And she is still sick, with one royal aide sharing that “The Duchess' condition is improving but she is still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. She is delighted to be able to be here tonight.”

Her presence at the event was also appreciated by Stephen Fry, president of mental health charity Mind, who said, “I do understand [Kate's] been having this problem more severely than many pregnant mothers and so we're very grateful [she's here].”

This is not the first time Kate has been shamed for her slim figure during pregnancy. When she was pregnant with both George and Charlotte, she faced this same intense criticism.


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