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Kids Adorably Argue Over the Weather

Kids argue over the weather, things get heated

Watching two toddlers argue in general is usually pretty adorable. But watching them engage in a heated battle of words over the weather? We can't even.

That's exactly the scene YouTuber Tara Willmott caught on camera this week, as a pint-sized play date turned bitter, fast. The point of contention was whether or not it was merely sprinkling outside or full-on raining. After all, the little boy says to his female friend, his mom clearly told him it was sprinkling outside. So therefore, it must be sprinkling.

Standing her ground though, the little girl insists that her mom said it was raining. And are you calling her a liar?

Back and forth they go, until the little girl gets so fired up, she pokes the boy near the eye, and then in the chest–to which he responds, "You poked my heart!"

No, little dude—you've poked our hearts.

The video, posted September 24, has racked up over 2 million views in just a few short days. (Easy to see why.) We sure hope this adorable crew eventually settled their dispute.

Photo via YouTube

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