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Family Photo Blooper Keeps It Real

Family photo shoot blooper captures baby spitting up on dad's head

Family photo shoots don't always go exactly as planned. In fact, ask most parents, and they pretty much never do. The kids wind up fighting, the baby starts crying, and midway through, you find yourself just praying the photographer gets a few good shots.

And then, of course, there are those times when things go gloriously awry in the best of ways, and the resulting photos capture a happy accident you could have never expected.

Such was the case last weekend, when a photographer was taking snapshots of a young couple with their new baby. All things seemed to be going well, until said baby felt a bit of puke coming up. Don't worry, though—he found a really nice spot on Dad's head to leave it.

Aww, poor Dad! While Mom tried valiantly to come to the rescue, it was clearly too late. But hey, at least the baby's proud of himself. (Just look at that grin!)

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