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Woman Claims 'Frozen' Stole Her Life Story

Woman Claims 'Frozen' Stole Her Life Story

We've all heard some doozies before when it comes to questionable law suits. There was the guy who sued Apple over his porn addiction, and the man who sued Subway, claiming their foot-long sandwiches weren't quite long enough.

But this latest one is a real headshaker.

A Peruvian writer based by the name of Isabella Tanikumi is reportedly suing Disney for $250 million, because she claims the fairytale megahit totally ripped off her life story, which she chronicled in her 2010 autobiographical piece entitled "Living My Truth and Yearnings of the Heart."

Apparently, she too was the heir-apparent to a make-believe land before her ice-making powers nearly killed her sister, caused her to freeze the entire kingdom, and led to an epic journey of love and forgiveness, complete with talking snowmen.

Oh, what's that you say? That's not at all what her book was about? Huh.

In fact, in a complaint report obtained by E! Online, Tanikumi details all the ways in which "Frozen" ripped off her personal tale; each one so laughable that we can't believe an attorney willingly filed the suit.

1. The story is set in a village surrounded by snow-covered mountains.

2. In said village, two sisters live together with their parents. They love each other and have opposite hair colors.

3. The sisters have an intense bond, until the older sister accidentally hurts the younger one.

4. The younger sister loses all memory of the accident.

5. Both sisters become increasingly isolated and distant as a result of the accident.

6. Younger sister falls in love with a tall, dark-haired man.

7. Two men show Isabella romantic interest. Their names? Hans and Cristoff. (OK, we'll give this one to her. It's kinda weird.)

8. Cristoff introduces Isabella to a friend with special "healing powers."

9. Isabella's first love betrays her. (Oh, come on, isn't this everyone's life story?)

10. Older sister becomes a recluse.

11. Isabella goes for walks in the moonlight. (And apparently, so does Ana in one scene.)

12. After going through great pains to conceal the wounds and scars from her accident, Isabella's are revealed.

13. The cover of Isabella's book features her hands up to the sky, with some kind of sprinkles all around. (She likens these to the snowflakes shown on the "Frozen" DVD cover.)

14. Isabella makes many allusions to open doors. (Enough said.)

15. Isabella's sister dies. (Though in "Frozen," the older sister comes back to life.)

If you find all of this truly perplexing, we're right there with you. Aside from Isabella Tanikumi's weak claims, much has been made that "Frozen" is in fact a clear adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen fairtytale "The Snow Queen." Something tells us screenwriter Jennifer Lee wasn't exactly thumbing through Peruvian autobiographies to get her inspiration.

Image via Disney

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