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Video: Shakira Teaches Son to Read

Shakira teaches her 20-month-old son to read

Last week, Colombian songstress (and the world's No. 1 hip-shaker) Shakira shared a video to her Facebook page that caused everyone who watched it to stare in wide-eyed amazement. (Us included.) The short clip, which appears to be shot on a friend's phone, shows the singer in one of the proudest new mama moments there is: watching your kid read for the first time.

But it seems Shakira has a little more reason to jump for joy over this than most, considering how old her son is: a mere 20 months! (Yes, really.) Considering most kids typically start reading around four years old, that's pretty impressive.

As her son Milan sits in her lap, "The Voice" judge writes down several words in Spanish for him to read aloud. And guess what? He nails every one.

Each time Milan says a word correctly, Shakira giddily congratulates him. "Muy bien!" she says.

Mama? Totally got it. Papa? Piece of cake.

It's all pretty sweet. No wonder this video has been viewed over 8 million times!

Hop on over to Shakira's Facebook page and get ready for 29 seconds of pure adorable.

Photo via Facebook

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