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Boy Worries Voyager Will Get 'Lonely'

5-year-old boy worries about Voyager satellite, asks astronaut if it will get lonely

In one of the most adorable kid clips you'll hear this week, a 5-year-old Canadian boy wonders aloud whether or not the Voyager space probe gets lonely or afraid out there on its own. In fact, ever since learning what Voyager even was, the little boy—who goes by the name of Timor—became so worried that his mom said he was having trouble sleeping.

So she sent a letter to someone she thought could help. Last week, Timor called into CBC Radio, where former International Space Mission Commander Chris Hadfield put his fears to rest.

But first, he let little Timor fire away with all sorts of questions he's been thinking about Voyager lately.

"Like, what if it gets broken, like, outside of our solar system, and there's nothing to fix it?" Timor asks in the broadcast.

Hadfield, not missing a beat, reassures the little boy in the sweetest of ways that Voyager is very brave.

"It's a very tough little spaceship," he explains. "It's not worried about breaking down and having somebody fixing it. It's worried about exploring."

Hadfield then reminds Timor that Voyager is out there exploring on its own because that is what makes it happiest. If it hadn't set out on this journey, it would have spent its life sad and unfulfilled. Plus, it's always calling home to tell us back on Earth what it's seen.

"[If it never traveled], it never would have discovered things," Hadfield continues. "I think we're doing exactly what makes Voyager joyful as happy as it could be. Does that make sense to you?"

"Yes," says Timor, concluding the most adorable interview ever.

You can listen to the full clip over on CBC Radio. (Just scroll down to the clip titled "What if it runs into a planet?")


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