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Mom Gives Birth at Highway Rest Stop

New mom gives birth at Delaware's I-95 rest stop

For most first-time moms, their approaching due date always brings with it a flood of implausible what-ifs. Sure, there are some run-of-the-mill worries that swirl through the mind, like "What if my birth plan goes out the window?" (Spoiler alert: It probably will.) And then there are the TMI ones, such as, "Will I poop on the floor?" (Spoiler alert: You probably will.)

But then there are those other (seemingly) far-fetched concerns that come from reading articles just like these. "What if we don't make it to the hospital in time?"

That last, typically implausible fear became a Delaware mom's reality this weekend, after her baby daughter came so fast and furiously that the first-time mom was forced to give birth in her car—at a rest stop, no less.

It all happened off of Delaware's very busy highway I-95, as the mom-to-be was being driven to the hospital by her own mom and sister.

"She seemed more scared than anything," said Travis Duffin, a New Castle County paramedic who came to her aid. "Obviously, she just had a child on the side of a highway and it was her first child."

Luckily, paramedics arrived within minutes, but the tiny baby girl who just couldn't wait, had already arrived.

"I moved to the driver's side and was able to clamp the umbilical cord, cut it, then proceeded to take the baby, wrap the baby up and move her to an ambulance where she could be warm," Duffin told ABC 13.

Though the entire birth was quick, and no doubt a bit scary, the family immediately called 911, and were walked through the birth with step-by-step instructions.

"In the back seat was the patient's little sister," explained Duffin. "Apparently, she called 911 and got directions from dispatchers to use shoelaces to cut the umbilical cord and the mother was outside waving down the car," said Duffin.

All's well that ends well, though. Both mom and baby were whisked away to the hospital and by all reports are doing just fine.


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