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Goth Teens’ Recap of 2009 Is Awkwardly Hilarious

Goth Teens’ YouTube Recap of 2009 is Awkwardly Hilarious

Back in 2009, teen besties Tara and Raven were just two goths trying to make it through high school, avoid preps and jocks, and figure out this whole YouTube thing by “making vidz” in their spare time.

But lucky for us, one of their videos—which included a recap of all things awesome (and not awesome) about the year 2009—has recently been unearthed, five years later. And man, is it a trip down memory lane in the weirdest of ways.

In case you’ve forgotten (because we sort of did), that was the year “Twilight” exploded, My Chemical Romance and AFI owned the radio, and getting a Hot Topic in your mall was cause for celebration. (Well, if you were a goth, anti-prep teen.) Things that were not cool? YouTube haters who left nasty comments for fun, anyone who looked like a prep and jock, and the fact that Davey Havok had the nerve to change his hair. (Whoever that is.)

Watch as Tara and Raven list off their likes and dislikes from 2009, inform us that another new year just means you’re one step closer to death (yikes) and remind us how much things have changed in the last five years.

According to their YouTube account, these two teens were not only partners in comedy; they were best friends who went by the surname “Acidbath” online. (We’re guessing it was a goth thing.) In addition to loving all things "Twilight" and goth-related, they write that they were super into Hello Kitty (go figure) and, perhaps less surprisingly, blood, vampires, fairies and Gerard Way.

Tara and Raven, wherever you are: We sure hope 2014 is treating you better.

Photo via YouTube

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