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7-Year-Old Girl Declares October 1 'Superheroes Day'

7-year-old declares October 1 super heroes day in honor of her sister

There's no love like sisterly love. And here to prove that yet again is the sweetest story we've heard all week.

It all started when 5-year-old Leanna—a lover of all things Captain America, Batgirl and Robin—began getting teased by the boys in her class. They thought it pretty was funny that a girl should love superheroes so much. After all, that’s "boy stuff"! And what's more, she wears her superhero T-shirts to school. Crazy!

"When she wears her superhero clothes to kindergarten, the boys tell her that superheroes are 'for boys,'" her dad told Women You Should Know. "She has even started to wear her jacket all day to keep from being hassled about it."

But Leanna's 7-year-old sister Adalina would have none of it. So she set about putting an end to it all, in one bad-ass way.

The first-grader has set up a website (OK, with some help from her parents), launched a Facebook event page and a Twitter account, upon which she made the following public declaration:

“Boys and girls who believe superheroes are for EVERYONE should wear their superhero stuff on Wednesday [October 1] and post a picture with the hashtag #WearYourSuperheroes. Solidarity!”

That’s one cool big sis.

So far, the response to Adalina’s campaign has been nothing short of awesome. All morning long, parents have been sharing photos of their little girls looking pretty fierce, all decked out in Batman tees, Thor backpacks, and more.

Want to share your own photos? Like the Wear Your Superheros Facebook page, follow @WearSuperheroes on Twitter and share photos with the hashtag #WearYourSuperheroes to be featured.

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