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'All About That Bass' Goes Jazz

Kate Davis' jazz cover of "All About that Bass" goes viral

It's been a few months now since Meghan Trainor's superbly addictive pop ode "All About That Bass" first hit our ears. But it doesn't look like the love-your-body anthem of the summer is going away anytime soon; and we are totally fine with that.

Trainor's song, which celebrates her curvy body and voluptuous booty, has now been covered by just about everyone out there on YouTube. Yet thanks to singer Kate Davis, it recently got the full-blown jazz treatment.

Standing behind an actual bass, Davis croons along to Trainor's lyrics, melodically humming her now-infamous lines: "Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase/And all the right junk in all the right places."

We love this song more and more every day.

Amazing, right? We're pretty sure Trainor herself—who, by the way, is a mere 20 years old—would be into this version, too. After all, she seems pretty psyched so far by the song's success.

"My whole life I wanted to be an artist, and the fact that this is my first opportunity and ['All About That Bass' is the] first [thing] I get to say to the world, I couldn’t be happier about it," Trainor told Idolator.com back in August.

We couldn't be happier, either.

If you now have a hankering to listen to the original (yet again), we've got you covered. Here you go:

Photo via YouTube

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