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Mom Records 4-Year-Old’s Accidental Insults

Comedian Joanna Stein Records 4-Year-Old’s Accidental Insults

Kids sure say the darndest things. But, if you’re the kid of author and comedienne Johanna Stein, you just give the most awkwardly insulting, backhanded compliments there are.

Apparently, hurling accidental insults at her mom is one of 4-year-old Sadie Stein’s biggest talents. And the humor of it all is definitely not lost on Mom, who recently took the time to splice together 11 of her daughter’s most colorful one-liners to share with all of YouTube. The resulting clip, which is truly hilarious, has since garnered 1.3 million views in just a few short days.

Stein created the video in part to promote her new book, “How Not to Calm a Child on a Plane” (which sounds pretty epic), and can be seen moving about her day with a tired, glum expression on her face—doesn't it look so familiar?—as a camera strapped to her head gives us a unique perspective on her day.

Just to give you an idea of what a typical day of Sadie-isms includes, it’s usually something to the tune of “Mommy, your tummy looks like a bagel!” or “Are you gonna make yourself pretty today? Or are you gonna look like you always do?”

Ouch, Sadie. That last one stung.

Stein, who lives with her precocious daughter and husband David Grossman in Canada, recently said of her opinionated little lady: "I am unnaturally proud my daughter, who, despite my guilt over having had many sips of beer while pregnant, has not turned out to be an ugly moron."

Well, that's something you don't hear every day.

Photo via YouTube

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