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Photo: Couple Stunned to Learn They're Having Quads

Couple stunned to learn they're having quads

Learning you're pregnant after struggling for years with infertility is big news in and of itself. But learning you're pregnant with quads, that they're each two sets of identical twins, and that your pregnancy is a one-in-70-million kind of occurrence? That's just nuts!

Easy to see then why Utah couple Ashley and Tyson Gardner were absolutely floored when their doctor broke the news to them in August. And by "floored," we mean really and truly floored. The couple posed for a photo with their sonograms almost immediately after learning about their babies-to-be, and it came out looking something like this:

Yep, that looks about right.

Weeks later, when they were able to share the news on Facebook with friends and family, they pulled together a montage of photos taken that day; and the hilarity of their reactions—especially Ashley's—soon led the post to go viral.

Ashley, who was diagnosed with endometriosis in her early twenties, had been struggling to get pregnant with her husband for several years, and endured countless rounds of fertility treatments before finally opting to try in-vitro fertilization. While only two of the nine embryos created were actually viable for implantation, it seems they both took. Each split into pairs, resulting in the double sets of twins.

"When you finally get there, you feel beaten down and still have a steep hill to climb," Tyson told ABC News.

Initially, the ultrasound tech told the Gardners they were having twins, but after a closer look at the screen, it soon became clear: it was twins, times two.

"After about a minute of staring at the screen, she said there's four babies in here," remembers Tyson. "Me and Ashley's faces went pale white."

But now that the shock has worn off, the soon-to-be parents are nothing but thrilled over their four little ones—especially since they have each always wanted a big family.

"We'll get our whole entire family here in one shot," Tyson said, adding that while he has no idea how they can really prepare for this, they're just putting one foot in front of the other and staying positive. "It's happening so fast we're just trying to survive every day. The only thing we really care about at this point is the health of our babies."

Photos via ABC News/Facebook

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