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Teen Cries for Beyoncé After Tooth Surgery

Teen cries for Beyonce after wisdom tooth surgery

We're not sure who you expect to be there when you wake up from surgery, but one North Carolina teen set the bar pretty high. Apparently, after waking from wisdom tooth surgery recently, 17-year-old Cody Lanphere was seriously bummed that a certain Beyoncé—you know the one—wasn't there to greet him. Now just how "seriously bummed" was he, exactly? Enough for the teen to be reduced to tears over the no-show, and cry out in the car for a good 12 minutes. (All of which Mom captured on video, much to the delight of the Internet.)

"Where is Beyoncé? She told me she'd be here!" he cries.

"It's alright, bubbie," his mom says soothingly, as she films the entire meltdown in the car. "Do you want to call her when we get home?"

"Yes!" he wails back. "She lied to me! She lied to me, Mama."

While it's no "David After the Dentist" (but what could be?), it's definitely some good stuff. Though it did make us wonder: Now that Cody's meds have worn off, is he totally mortified that his mom uploaded his meltdown, or thrilled to be a viral sensation?

Hmmm ... we're hoping the latter, since his mom, Christine Livingston, also shared his Twitter and Instagram handles in the video caption, and by the looks of things, he seems to be in on the joke.

Photo via YouTube

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