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Theo and Beau Have a New Baby Sister!

Theo and Beau welcome new baby sister

Everybody's favorite Instagram duo are back in the spotlight–this time, for welcoming a new baby sister to their brood!

Yep, last week, Theo and Beau (of Momma's Gone City fame) met their new little sister, Evangeline (aka Evvie), who also joins big sister Zoe and brother Jack. And we've been treated to a whole lot more of Instagram cuteness ever since.

Their mom, blogger Jessica Shyba shared all the details of the day she brought Evvie home from the hospital over on her blog, where she admitted that the chaos of bringing her new baby was far more intense the fourth time around. (We bet!) But after handling the morning school hustle, the rush to get little girl finally met her four siblings. (Well, five, counting Theo.)

And as she writes on her blog, the meeting between Theo and Evvie in particular was pretty adorable:

Beau was eager to introduce Theo to his new baby sister. It was adorable and hilarious and completely sweet watching Beau burst with pride and Theo cock his head to the side in curiosity over the baby. Justin and I couldn't help but laugh, a delightful reprieve from the heaviness of these new stages we're all entering. Theo brings that sort of calm and peace to our lives consistently, he always has. It's remarkable to me how human-like he actually is, as though he completely understands what's going on and unfailingly remains steady, calm and supportive of all of us.

Too sweet! You can read Shyba's full post about the day over on Momma's Gone City.

Photos via Momma's Gone City

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