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Mom Responds to Bento Box Fad

Mom responds to bento box fad hilariously

Remember the days when your mom sent you off to school with a packed school lunch in a brown paper bag? Maybe it was a PB & J with a banana. If you were lucky (or there was a sale at the grocery store), there could even be a Capri Sun or a Fruit Roll-Up tossed in. And if Mom had a few extra seconds before you dashed off to the bus, she might even write your name on the outside, complete with embarrassing hearts and a sticker she found among your art supplies.

Gone are those days, but we suppose we have Pinterest and Instagram to blame for that.

Moms of the world, if you too are feeling intense pressure these days to create beautifully crafted, photo-ready bento box lunches for your kid every single day, you are not alone.

As mommy blogger Kim writes over on One Classy Motha, she was even recently confronted by her daughter about her lackluster lunch-making skills.

"Well, it finally happened, the thing I’ve been dreading …" she wrote on October 3. "Yesterday, my precious daughter rolled off the school bus bitching and moaning about the lack of artistic effort that I’ve been putting into her packed lunches. My first thought, 'Oh shit, has she been on Pinterest?' My second thought, 'We need to update our parental controls to include Pinterest.'"

No matter: After employing some creative thinking skills, Kim came up with a solution to creating crafty, on-the-fly lunches that mothers everywhere can get behind. And it can be accomplished in three easy-to-follow steps. She calls it the "I ain't got no time for that. Here's some lunch money" bento box, and it goes something like this:

Step 1: Get lunch money from your purse.

Step 2: Arrange money and tape it down.

Step 3: Use a marker to draw the rest.

Voila! Lunch is served.


Photo via One Classy Motha

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