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Six-Year-Old Inspires Superhero Doll

Six-year-old inspires female superhero doll

If your little girl is bummed over the less-than-stellar options out there for female superhero toys, a U.K. toymaker is coming to the rescue.

Arklu, which currently makes the award-winning Lottie doll, has just released a brand new superhero outfit to deck out the popular doll—and the best part is, the outfit itself was inspired by the designs of a real life six-year-old from Ohio named Lily.

The ensemble—which is being called the “Super Lottie” outfit—was created after a global competition asked girls from around the world to draw their ideal superhero outfit, which was independently judged by the Brave Girls Alliance earlier this year. To make matters even cooler, this was apparently the first crowd-sourced competition of its kind to ask kids to design a product that has later gone into commercial production.

The resulting outfit that's now being marketed was based on Lily's drawings, but the six-year-old didn’t just submit a few sketches to nab the winning spot. She was also required to say a little bit about what she envisioned Super Lottie’s abilities to be. Her answer? “Super Lottie has the power to be anything, to do anything and to make the world a better place. She is unique and special in her own way.”

(Pretty awesome answer, Lily.)

Naturally, Lily’s family is super proud of their talented little girl. Her grandmother, Greta, shared that the win is particularly exciting since Lily loves superheroes and art almost more than anything. “She likes to play with superheroes at recess … usually with the boys because the other girls won’t,” she says. "We’re exceed to see the reaction by other girls to Lily’s creation and hope that it brings great fun and enjoyment, as well as open their minds to the world of superpowers."

The doll’s unique outfit is also attracting plenty of praise within the comic community, and those who want to spread the message that superheroes aren't just for boys. As the popular comic blog DC Women Kicking Ass noted in a recent post, the doll proves that "Superheroes are for girls, too. And now with the Lottie doll children can have a female superhero that has realistic body shape. What a wonderful toy."

Stay tuned to see the Super Lottie outfit hit shelves in the coming months.

Photos courtesy of Arklu Toys.

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