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Rachel Dratch Answers All Your Burning Parenting Questions

Rachel Dratch hilariously answers parenting questions on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Actress, comedian and mom of one Rachel Dratch stopped by "Late Night with Seth Meyers" this week and offered up some pretty sound parenting tips in an after-show segment.

And while Dratch admits she's not exactly an expert in the area (but hey, who is?), she does have some clever/hilarious tips she's learned along the way while raising her 4-year-old son Eli.

In just four minutes flat, Dratch answers questions from viewers asked via Twitter, that range from how in the world you get your tot to eat their veggies to a desperate plea for sleep tips. (Spoiler alert: Dratch admits she finally broke down and hired a sleep expert.)

In her usual hilarious style, Dratch shares some personal mom anecdotes and makes us laugh, all-the-while reminding us that none of us have the answers. Well, except the mom at the park she recently met, who somehow got her kid to eat cauliflower by the handfuls. (Clearly, he was not of this world.)

Photo via YouTube

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