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Chrissy Teigen Just Made Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice a Little Less Annoying

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Chrissy Teigen, part-time internet troll, has done it again. The hilarious and real AF celeb mom took on the persona of a sanctimommy and nailed it. Her friend and fellow model Brooklyn Decker recently posted a photo of her swollen ankles, writing, "I don't even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore."

And Teigen couldn't resist adding her two cents.


I don't even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore.

"Wow gross (you) need to see a doctor!!!! This isn't normal," Teigen wrote, tongue clearly in cheek.

Teigen also went through this pregnancy thing (her daughter, Luna, is now 18 months old), so of course the veteran mom had the best and most factual advice ever for any mother who doesn't ask for it.

"Did (you) eat tuna????" she asked, adding that pregnant women shouldn't consume a lot of tuna. "Once your foot gets a taste for the tuna, it swells to reject the mercury."

She warned her fellow mom that Decker was playing a dangerous game. And just in case we weren't rolling in laughter already, Teigen dropped her blog link: "I have a blog if (you) wanna visit (and comment!) hppt://iamthesmartestmom.blogspot.vzw.blackberry.net/tuna."

FYI, if you wonder why the link is broken, Teigen thinks it's probably because she's getting too much traffic.


Venice! @monicarosestyle @jrugg8 @allanface

This isn't the first time Teigen put on the troll hat and it definitely won't be the last. The mom has been judged for almost every parenting choice she has made, from selecting the gender of their embryo to stepping out for the weekend without her baby. The comments she gets on a daily basis can bring any mama down. But the clapback queen takes it all in stride and even has some fun herself. Teigen brought a fake baby to the NBA finals last year, pretending it was Luna to freak out judgmental people in the Twitterverse. She also puts husband John Legend in check as often as possible, once even tweeting: "2 grammy noms for @johnlegend no one has congratulated me for being the inspiration behind 'All of Me.' Without me, there is no all of me."

If you're so done with all the unwanted pregnancy advice about what you should be eating, doing or even how you should look, take your cue from Teigen and consider them all trolly comments that are not worth your energy. And if you're looking for some comebacks, we've got some good ones up our sleeves.


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