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6-Year-Old Freaks Out, Bummed He Can't Get Married

Boy cries over not being able to marry at age six

Attention, world: Six-year-old Dean is having a moment.

For starters, he's just learned that there are just so many things you can't do while you're six. Chief among them? Getting married.

Why, oh why, cruel world, must you do this to us? The ageism! The unfairness of it all!

As he wails on camera in a meltdown of rather epic proportions, his dad tries to calm his fears. But little Dean will have none of it. He's pretty pissed that he'll have to wait 800 million billion weeks to walk down the aisle (clearly alerting us to the fact that this poor tot has been severely misinformed). Further more, he really wishes he could be 80, like right now, so all of this wouldn't even be an issue.

While we do feel a teensy bit bad laughing at his giant tear-fest, we're sure in another year or two Dean will come to the realization that not tying the knot at age six is probably a good thing.

Photo via YouTube

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