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Dad Films Time-Lapse Video of Daughter Learning to Walk

Dad uploads time-lapse video of daughter learning to walk

There isn’t a parent out there who isn’t wildly excited to see their kid walk for the first time. From those very first toddles to full-on sprints across the living room, we bet you’ve whipped out your camera to capture at least a few of your kid’s first moves (and first tumbles).

Well, prepare for your “baby’s first steps” video to be put to shame by one devoted dad by the name of Nick Turner. So psyched was he for his daughter Lucy’s first steps, he filmed every single attempt for months. Seriously, every single attempt.

In the end, he spliced together Lucy’s wobbly first steps into one awesomely adorable time-lapse video—tumbles and all. And it’s a must-watch, for Lucy's happy smiles and never-give-up attitude.

The sweet clip was uploaded just last week, but has quickly gone viral, racking up over 600,000 views and counting.

Hat's off to Lucy's determination and Dad's diligent camerawork!

Photo via YouTube

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