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Mom's Viral Hack for Giving Medicine to a Baby Is Pure Genius

Photograph by Twenty20

Well, it looks as if MacGyver has been replaced.

Helena Lee is a nurse practitioner and resourceful new mother from England who got tired of playing the medicine game with her infant son, Alfie. In a moment of sheer frustration, after struggling to lower his temperature, she remembered a simple hack from long ago.

Photograph by Facebook

Lee's photomontage, which she posted to Facebook, came with a helpful tip and has now been shared more than 121,750 times. It's useful and, best of all, it won't cost you a cent.

"So for the last 24 hours I've struggled to get Alfie to take Calpol [a pain and fever reliever for babies], he has ended up covered in half of it where he spits it at me," the mom writes. "Then I remembered seeing this trick. Not one bit got wasted and no tears. Please feel free to share with any baby mummies you know."

The hack itself is laughably simple. Using the plastic syringe that comes with the medicine, take an ordinary baby bottle lid, flip it upside down, and stick the tip of the syringe into the top of the rubber nipple.

Voila! No more sticky aftermath from wrestling with a fussy baby. You can thank Helena Lee for that.

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, Lee told reporters that she tried giving Alfie both little bits at a time and squirting it all in at once. "I even tried a spoon, but he just gagged or spat it out at me. He then wasn't getting all the dose so it wasn't bringing his temperature down."

Though she never dreamed that a simple trick to administer medicine would have created such a stir, Lee is thrilled to have affected so many people in such a positive way.

"I am completely overwhelmed by the response it's had,” she said. “I just intended to help out a few of my mummy friends on Facebook."

And help them, she did. The post currently has reactions from at least 45,000 people on Facebook—and counting.

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