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Transgender Mom Named 'Working Mother of the Year'

Transgender woman Meghan Stabler named "Working Mother of the Year"

On Wednesday, Working Mother magazine announced their “Working Mother of the Year” award and were greeted to a bit more fanfare than usual.

The winner, Meghan Stabler, is definitely a mom who works hard every day to juggle it all. She’s “just like any other mom,” she says. “I’m planning meals, balancing budgets, figuring out how to encourage my child to enjoy reading, and juggling my schedule to accommodate taking my daughter to the doctor when she’s sick.” In between all that, Stabler also finds time to keep up a high-powered job as a business executive and serve on the board of the Human Rights Campaign.

But here’s the thing: Meghan Stabler isn’t exactly just like any other working mom, and her path to get where she is today has taken a bit more courage, faith, and perseverance than it might look like from the outside.

That’s because Stabler didn’t start out as Mom; she started out as Dad. As a result, she's the first transgender woman to nab the coveted Working Mom of the Year award, and in an essay on HuffPost Wednesday, she shared her unique perspective on what it was like to make that transition in the workplace.

“I started my career as a male, and as long as I presented as such, I found that my views and opinions were widely respected,” she wrote. “But since transitioning to my true, authentic self, I’ve come to recognize the gender stereotypical male dominance in meetings and work in general, something I never thought about until I was on the receiving end of it.”

What’s more, Stabler says, there seem to be two key power: the male alpha dog versus the bossy female.

This, she says, could largely be helped if we merely supported and mentored women more in the workplace, and zeroed in on what she calls “the nation’s unconscious bias around both women and the LGBT community,” which she says needs to be exposed.

You can read more of Stabler’s essay over on HuffPost.

Photo via YouTube/MeghanStabler

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