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Video: Teens React to '80s Fashion

Kids react to 80's fashion

The '80s fashion era was … an interesting time.

There are parts of us that relish the days when we weren’t afraid to dress out loud, as the '80s encouraged—in bright, bold fashions that dared to be different.

But then, the mind slips to other thoughts when we mentally review our old closets. And you can’t help but wonder things, like why did we tease our hair into impossibly large rats' nests and think that we looked good? And what in the world were all those shoulder pads about? And the neon track suits? WHAT were we thinking with those neon track suits?!

Well, here to wonder that for us today is a group of kids who were born so recently in time, they will leave you feeling like a 1,000-year-old fossil just discovered on an archaeological dig.

Here to make us feel incredibly old (yet again) are the Fine Bros., who have released a new Teens React video in which they hand kids a variety of '80s fashions and watch them laugh it up at how silly we all were.

“Why was this ever a trend?” one kid asks while being presented with a fanny pack.

"People would wear this on a daily basis? Not just when they're working out?” another boy wonders when looking at photos of the leotard and legwarmers look.

All good questions, kids. All good questions.

Photo via YouTube

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