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Unicef Report Prompts #ViolenceVaccine Campaign

Every five minutes, a child dies from violence, and the vast majority of those deaths occur outside war zones. A new and ground-breaking report from Unicef UK also concludes that millions of children around the world are unsafe in their homes, where they are victimized physically, sexually and emotionally. The trauma from a life steeped in violence will cause a significant number of those children to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and their brains will exhibit activity not unlike that of soldiers in combat, according to the report.

Unicef has found a vaccine to prevent all of that: speaking up. This #violencevaccine is the focus of their new and urgent campaign.

Long-term campaigner for justice in the U.K., Baroness Doreen Lawrence, writes in a foreword to the report, "This epidemic of violence against children feeds off silence. It grows when we soundlessly accept that this is just the way things are."

Right now, governments around the world are setting global development targets in advance of the Millennium Development Goals' expiration in 2015. Unicef is using its report, worldwide support and social outreach to include four goals on behalf of the lives of children, according to its website:

• Put an end to violence against children and ensure every child can grow up in a world without fear.

• Put an end to preventable disease and the tragic, unnecessary deaths it causes.

• Put an end to hunger and ensure every child gets the nutrition they need to grow up healthy and strong.

• Ensure that children get the help they need to stay safe and strong when disaster and conflict strike.

Unicef has worked to bring vaccines, clean drinking water and education to countless children around the world. This campaign is asking people to speak up to inoculate the world's kids against the global pandemic of child violence.

Image via Unicef United Kingdom

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