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Foster Child's Picture Touches Millions

These four pictures of an unnamed little boy in a cap will certainly make you smile. For the nearly 2.5 million others who saw and liked the image on Facebook, it probably made at least a few of them a little weepy.

The image, posted on the page of a foster care advocacy group Together We Rise, shows an adorable kid who appears to be about 3 years old, holding a blackboard. He's goofing around and smiling—for a very good reason.

According to his chalk-written story, he had been in foster care for a little over a year. Then on October 10 this year, everything changed.

He got adopted.

It's a powerful story—one you'd hope thousands of other kids in foster care will also be able to tell one day. It certainly struck a nerve with more than 30,000 folks who shared their own foster home and adoption stories.

From a top commenter, Adam Shlyk:

"I love this very much, close to home and dear to my heart. On January 20th, 1965, my mother became the first single woman in the state of Arizona to adopt a child, opening up the gates for other women. Love you Mom."

And a longtime foster mom, Jaime Stecklin Aguilar:

"I was a foster parent for 8 1/2 years. My husband and I adopted ourselves out of being foster parents. I have 6 adopted children who are now 26, 24, 22, 21, 18 and 17. They ranged from newborns straight from the hospital to 7 years old when we got them as fosters. It is a huge celebration to give a child a forever home."

With nearly 143,000 shares, this little boy's story is bound to touch even more hearts. And maybe attracting potential foster parents to step up.

Pass the tissues.

Images via Together We Rise Facebook page

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