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Bill Murray Shares Parenting Advice with Jimmy Kimmel

Bill Murray shares his best parenting advice on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

By now, actor Bill Murray is well-acquainted with the many ins and outs of raising a baby. After all, he’s fathered six of them. (Six!) And when he swung by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday night, Kimmel revealed that the actor had previously given him some rock solid advice before his first daughter came: bring a nightlight and an oscillating fan to the hospital. His reasoning? Delivery rooms get pretty hot (especially for Mom, who’s giving birth) and that fluorescent lighting is a total killer.

According to Kimmel, he took Murray’s advice before the birth of his daughter Jane and found it to be “right on.”

But as he shared on-air, Murray has lots more where that came from. Like getting your baby to sleep, for example.

“You just pump their legs,” he explains of his method for tuckering kids out. "They laugh very hard, and then you do their arms, and then you go back to their legs." He even adds that Mom and Dad can take turns doing this until "the kid passes out."

He also has some excellent tips for getting rid of stomach gas.

“Peppermint breaks up gas,” explained the actor, noting that lots of babies get this once they start eating solids, and this in turn often leads to some unpleasant wailing. “It usually happens around 6 months, when you’re at the bottom of fatigue alley.”

Still, Murray was pretty modest about his wealth of acquired parenting knowledge.

“I don’t know very much but I talk a lot about what I do know,” he joked to Kimmel. "I just keep talking."

Please, Bill, do go on.

Photo via YouTube

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