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School Holds Early Graduation for Dying Teen

School throws early graduation for teen with leukemia

When 17-year-old Lynzee Ford was diagnosed with leukemia in January, her world turned upside down. Soon, the teen was undergoing rigorous treatments to save her life, but a few weeks ago, doctors gave her some terrible news: she only has four months left to live.

This news would be devastating for anyone to hear, but for the budding high school senior who was so close to celebrating so many milestones this year, the news was even more upsetting for Lynzee. Would she really not be able to go to prom? Get into college? Walk at graduation?

Unbeknownst to Lynzee, her classmates and teachers weren't going to let that last one slip by her. So on Monday, at Kilgore High School in Texas, graduation was held—a whole eight months early—just for Lynzee.

"It's a culmination of kindergarten through 12 years of education for her, and a life of memories with her and her classmates," high school teacher Kathy Mehringer told KLTV. "Lynzee is one of the strongest people I know, and she's taught us a lot about family and fighting and never giving up,"

In one incredible afternoon, Lynzee watched as her high school gym was flooded with friends, classmates, teachers, first responders, parents and even the mayor of her town—all to make sure Lynzee didn't miss out on a moment she'd been working towards since she was a little girl.

Needless to say, the graduation ceremony was incredibly moving for everyone for everyone standing inside the gym that day, but for Lynzee's mother Valerie Warren, it was even more touching.

"Graduation is a right of passage for every high school student—just like prom, your first date, riding your bicycle ... I didn't want Lynzee to miss out on anything," Warren told KETK.

To say Lynzee is loved among her peers would be an understatement. Back in May, several of her friends staged a Junior Prom in her honor so she wouldn't miss that, and this November, the school plans to throw their Senior formal early as well, just so Lynzee has a chance to be there.

Photo via Facebook

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