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Holderness Family Returns with Halloween Rap

Holderness family returns with Halloween rap parody of "Gin and Juice"

Not to worry, folks—it may have been a few months, but the Holderness family is back with a brand new song that'll definitely be stuck in your head all Monday long. So get ready!

The family's latest viral video is a reworking of Snoop Dogg's '90s hit "Gin and Juice," which you may remember was about a whole lotta not-so-G-rated things. But the Holderness' family-friendly version turns it into an epic Halloween tale that pretty much describes what everyone's October 31 is going to be like this year. (At least, if you have kids under 10.)

A few sample lyrics?

"With so much drama on Halloween/My little 4-year-old he can't decide between these/Somehow it's OK/He's gonna make six costume changes like every single day"

Yep, that's pretty much the drill. But we do like his final choice:

Dad Penn also laments over not being allowed to wear his first costume pick.

"We wanna wear something funny, please/We got MC Hammer pants, how cool are these?/Grown-up costumes, we like livin' large/But we never get to wear 'em cause our daughter's in charge."

Which is too bad, because those pants really are cool:

But our favorite part is the hook, of course.

"Rollin' down the street with my kinfolk, dressed like a giant moose/Laid back/With my mind on my candy and my candy on my mind/Go on, Trick-or-Treat/Check your window—Olaf's on the loose!"

As one YouTube commenter later wrote, "Snoop would approve."

Papa Holderness (aka Penn) responded with: "I hope so—he was on my stereo all through college—love that man." (Us too!)


Photos via YouTube

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