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Bakery Mix-Up Sabotages Gender Reveal Party

Bakery mix-up spoils couple's gender reveal party

Oh, boy.

It looks like new parents Ben and Natalie Bell will be asking for a major refund after the bakery that was supposed to whip up their gender reveal cake made ... well, the one mistake they weren't supposed to make.

It was a simple task, really. They just had to fill the inside of a cake with pink or blue icing, depending on the baby's gender, so Ben and Natalie could slice into it during their gender reveal party and spill the news to friends and family. And that's exactly what the parents-to-be did in front of 30 of their closest family members recently. Except things didn't exactly go as planned.

As Natalie dug in and cut the very first piece, she saw it: pink! It's a girl! It's a girl! It's a ... boy?

The crowd of friends goes absolutely bonkers over the baby girl news, but just a few moments later, Ben discovers that there was a pretty big mix-up back at the bakery.

As they later shared with "Good Morning America," the Bells were originally given two envelopes from their doctor that contained the gender of their baby. While they kept one for themselves and left it unopened, the other went straight to the local bakery, where apparently the word "boy" looked a whole lot like "girl." Apparently, the whole mishap was only discovered after Natalie decided to post a gender reveal photo on Facebook, and felt like the pink icing on the inside of the cake wasn't quite obvious enough. So she had Ben fetch the original envelope from their doctor.

And it was pretty clear right away what had happened:

As for Mom's reaction?

"Pure confusion!" Natalie told Fox 8 News. "I keep explaining it as an out-of-body experience. The video is truly the only way I can see what actually happened because I think I was in shock! ... My body language in the video says it all."

But hey, at least the Bells were to laugh about the mix-up!

Photos via GMA

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