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'Go the F*ck to Sleep' Author Takes on Picky Eaters in Sequel

Adam Mansbach distilled generations of parenting strategies for getting children to go to bed with just one line in his 2011 book "Go the F*ck to Sleep." The book, which touched a sleep-deprived nerve in thousands of parents—and became THE baby shower gift of the time, debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times bestsellers list.

In his long-awaited sequel, Mansbach breaks his silence on the next most frustrating struggle with kids—pickiness at the dinner table—in "You Have to F*cking Eat."

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Mansbach, a reluctant parenting expert, taps into his reserve of radical honesty, this time about the illogical and inconsistent behaviors that kids have around food. Describing himself as an "obscene fake children's book author," he borrows from his own life to speak to other parents about theirs. He's as baffled by his now-6-year-old daughter Vivien's unpredictability as you likely are by that of your own kids.

“Wow, I find it fascinating that you hate pancakes, because you asked for them 15 minutes ago,” he told Lambeth Hochwald in an interview.

Mansbach said he took his time writing this second book, which is illustrated by Owen Brozman, to give "Go the F*ck to Sleep" space. He also said he didn't want to rush into a sequel just for the sake of having something else in the series.

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Mansbach sold more than 1.5 million copies of "GTFTS," which many saw first as a PDF circulated by the book's publisher. It became an immediate sensation, as did a recording of Samuel L. Jackson reading it.

"You Have to F*cking Eat" comes out Nov. 12.

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