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Boy and Pup Coordinate Halloween Costumes Year After Year

Dog, boy dress alike for Halloween every year

Meet Henry Miller and his dog Banjo:

This dynamic duo have been besties for the last five years, palling around and just being all sorts of adorable together.

But their favorite thing to do? Coordinate Halloween costumes every year. And they totally nail it, every. single. time.

There was the year they were matching dragons, back in 2010 ...

... And the time they paid homage to Casey Junior.

But our favorite year was 2011, when their dress-up skills were at an all-time high:

("To infinity and beyond!")

According to their mom Karen, it all started the year Henry was born. As she shared with HuffPost, the Millers used to dress up 8-year-old Banjo every year for Halloween anyway, so Karen said "it just seemed like a natural progression to make them match!"

So when the Millers decided to dress Banjo as a banana one year, they just couldn't resist dressing Henry as a Monkey to go along with the theme.

The results were ... well, insanely cute:

And their cuteness parade got even better last year, when they brought the other family dog, Gigi, in on the fun.

As for 2014? They're welcoming another new member to their Halloween gang: 9-month-old little sis, Elliot.

Too cute!

Do you dress your kids and pets alike for Halloween?

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