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Dad Social-Shames Daughter to Teach Her a Lesson

Dad shames daughter on Facebook for lying about her age

Discovering your 10-year-old daughter has secretly created multiple social accounts without your knowledge—and posed as an older teen on each of them—is enough to send any parent into a swift panic. But then learning that she's also has struck up an Internet romance with an older boyfriend? WATCH. OUT.

That's exactly the situation dad Kevin Jones found himself in recently when he discovered what his daughter Janiya was doing on the family computer. But his method for schooling her? Well, that's what has everyone talking.

As a means to teach Janiya (and her much older Facebook friends) a lesson, Jones had his 10-year-old daughter dress the part. He made her don pink beads in her hair, a matching pink backpack with "The Little Mermaid" on it, and what he himself describes as an "age-defining shirt." All just to remind the world, and Janiya, that while she may stand at a tall 5'9" and not look very kid-like from the outside—she still is.

Then he snapped photos of her—from more than one angle—to drive home his point, and shared them on Facebook for the world to see.

In his caption, the strict papa let the world know just why these photos were taken.

In the days since, Jones' post has been shared over 260,000 times, with most of the comments being pretty positive ones.

"He'll get a FATHER OF THE YEAR REWARD for creative thinking," wrote Facebook user Michele Luvba Hodges Elmore.

"We have to teach them by ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!" Juanita Betts chimed in, while others reassured Jones that his daughter may hate him now, but she'll love him later.

What do you think of this dad's very public method of teaching his daughter a lesson?

Photos via Kevin Jones/Facebook

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