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'Apparently Kid' Heads to Texas State Fair

Noah Ritter takes the Texas State Fair by storm

Thank you, Internet, for bringing us Noah Ritter. And thank you, Ellen Degeneres, for personally ensuring that his 15 minutes of fame never ends.

Last Friday, October 31, the pint-sized comedian stopped by the "Ellen" show for yet another fun visit, where he unveiled a hilarious clip of himself taking the Texas State Fair by storm with his Grandpa Jack. As per usual, Noah was a laugh a minute, first divulging that he's not a big fan of California (sorry, Ellen), and that the hotel room he was staying in was kind of a major fail. (No cartoons? Come on, people!)

But the clip of the 5-year-old running amuck at the fair is what will really have you in stitches this morning. Because apparently, when Noah does the fair, Noah does the fair.

He stood in awe of a giant statue, noting how much bigger things in Texas really are.

He beat Grandpa at the water gun game.

He even got a police escort on one of the big-kid rides. (You know, 'cause he's such a big star now.)

And perhaps most impressive of all, he conquered his fear of heights by riding down the fun slide—after repeating one of his own personal mantras.

All in all, it was a pretty cool day. But we won't spoil the rest for you.

Watch Noah in action, and fall in love with him all over again.

Photos via YouTube

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