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Recall Alert: Popular Baby Seat Could Be a Fire Hazard

Ask any mother what baby products she relied on most during her first few months of motherhood and she’s bound to mention what a lifesaver the vibrating baby seat was. Cooking dinner? Put your baby in the seat. Need to shower? Drag it in the bathroom with you. Just looking for something that might help your little one stop crying? The seat almost always works.

So, of course, no one wants to hear that the seat they rely on so much could also be a major safety hazard. But if you own a Fisher-Price seat, you might want to check out the latest recall.

On Tuesday the company issued a recall of 63,000 Soothing Motion Seats. There are four models included in the recall: CMR35, CMR37, CMR39 and DYH22.

The problem is that the motor in these models can apparently overheat, with 36 reports of product malfunctions due to that overheating. Of those 36 reports, one resulted in an actual fire. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported.

But using that baby seat to buy yourself a few hands-free moments suddenly becomes a whole lot less enticing if you think it could possibly catch on fire with your baby in it.

(This might be a good time to also mention the AAP's recommends that if your baby falls asleep in a seat or swing, he or she should be “moved to a crib or other appropriate flat surface as soon as is practical.”)

The seats first went on sale in November of 2015 and have been available ever since at a number of major retailers, including Target, Toys 'R Us, Walmart and Amazon.

If you own one of these seats, you can contact Fisher Price at 800-432-5437 for a full refund.

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