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Video of Maryland Pediatrician and Giggling Baby Shows How to Give Shots

Concerns this fall about an unlikely U.S. Ebola epidemic have overshadowed the very real risk of coming down with the flu. As it does every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone older than 6 months get a flu shot. Influenza is a serious disease and every year there are deaths from complications from the virus.

For young children in the middle of their vaccine schedule, finding the time and emotional resources to submit to yet another shot can be challenging. Especially if your child is particularly scared of needles. Even caring doctors and nurses are met with screams, tears and physical resistance when the tray of shots is revealed.

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If only they all had the moves of this Washington, D.C.-area pediatrician Dr. Michael Darden. His sleight of hand, charming voice and Kleenex flourish between jab and Band-Aid leaves his little patient unaware that he's just undergone one of the major traumas of first-world babyhood.

Dr. Darden's total focus on the baby, plus his fast-moving hands and general pleasant demeanor gets laughs, not cries, from the baby in this 2012, which is making the rounds again as flu season heats up.

According to Maryland CBS affiliate, WTVR, Dr. Darden specializes in allergy care and general pediatrics—and, clearly, keeping kids (and parents) happy while at the doctors office.

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Image via YouTube

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