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Prankster 'Robs' Orphanage, Then Leaves Major Surprise

Prankster stages a robbery, then gifts orphanage with computers and more

YouTube star Roman Atwood is known for pulling off professional-level pranks that leave his 4 million followers (and the unsuspecting folks in his videos) pretty speechless. And with his latest prank, he definitely pulls out all the stops–but this time, it's all for a heartwarming cause.

It all went down at JAFCO's Children's Village, an orphanage in South Florida, where Atwood opens the video by saying that while the kids here are loved, they have "none of the fun stuff" that other kids their age get to play with—no tablets, no TVs and all their computers are seriously dated. As for the hardworking staff that try to make the orphanage run smoothly every day? Their computers and office supplies are seriously outdated.

This week, Atwood and some friends put an end to all that. Along with some sponsors (and the blessing of a few in-the-know administrators at the orphanage), Atwood delivered some goodies to the orphanage in the middle of the night. But not before staging a full-scale robbery prank, in which he played both the robber and the detective investigating the next day.

A bit too far? Maybe so. But the looks on the faces of the staff at JAFCO's at the end of it all certainly makes up for it.

The clip, which was posted on November 2, has already well over 1 million YouTube views (and climbing). We just wish we could see the kids' faces when they get a load of those tablets and flat screens!

Photo via YouTube

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