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Facebook Babies Post Selfies From the Crib

Dutch designer Laura Cornet wanted to start a debate over who has the right to post pictures of infants online. So she created a gadget that would let babies take and post selfies from their cribs.

She thought the device would hold up a mirror to parents, who were posting pictures with abandon on Facebook. Instead, she created a market. A bunch of parents want to buy one of her New Born Fame mobiles, which snap and post babies' pictures whenever they reach out to grab the toy.

Though some reacted with horror, calling the device Big Brother in the crib, Cornet was surprised that many more actually wanted one for their baby. So Cornet is redesigning the prototype so that images snapped will post only to the parents' mobile phone. What the parents do with the pictures from there, well, she's not going to be a part of that.

What started out as a reaction against parents' unfiltered sharing of baby photos has become a way of enabling said sharing. Cornet has mixed feelings about that, telling CNN that even she might change her mind when she has kids of her own.

"I don't know. When you have kids yourself, things change. Suddenly babies become cute—so I can't guarantee that I wouldn't do it myself."

That's quite an artistic statement.

Image by Laura Cornet via CNN

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