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Baby Otter Is the Cutest Thing You'll See All Week

Orphaned baby sea otter takes Internet by storm

In case you missed it, the Internet has become transfixed in the last 24 hours by a 5-week-old baby sea otter that was recently rescued after being orphaned in California.

The baby girl has yet to be given a proper name besides "Pup 681," but she was transported to Shedd Aquarium in Chicago this week, after spending some time at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, Calif., for rehabilitation. Once at Shedd, she was promptly assessed and then plopped into a mini-water tank so she could take a quick dip.

And this, folks, is where it really gets good. While she floats in the water lazily, Pup 681 squeals with delight as cameras zero in on her and an aquarium worker gently guides her into spinning circles.

Then she hops up onto a landing to dry off.

It's just about the best thing ever.

If you're having a bad day, do yourself a favor and watch this immediately. It will give you all the feels.

According to Mashable, Pup 681 was rescued after a beach-goer taking an evening stroll discovered her. She heard the otter's cries and immediately notified a local conservation center. Luckily, the little otter was able to make it to safety—the aquarium is apparently one of only a few facilities that are even equipped to care for otters like her.

There, she'll receive the love and care she needs, with Shedd's team of conservation experts and veterinarians always on call. She'll even be introduced to some basic survival skills she might otherwise not learn in captivity, like finding solid foods while swimming, learning how to groom herself and regulating her own body temperature.

Photo via YouTube/Shedd Aquarium.

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