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Comedian Cancels Tour Dates to Be With His Kids

Comedian Cancels Tour Dates to Be With His Kids

In a candid post made on his website Monday, comedian W. Kamau Bell broke some not-so-great news to his fans: He'd canceled a slew of upcoming shows.

But while we're so used to hearing celebs cancel gigs due to "exhaustion" (aka "rehab"), the funnyman had an altogether different (and far more relatable) explanation for backing out: He just had his second kid, and well, he had "no idea how hard this would be."

After a hectic weekend of kids' parties, diaper duty and next to no sleep, Bell shares that he suddenly stopped to realize just how much had changed since having his first child—and just how much his family needs him right now.

"Me and my wife would have roshambo’ed for who went to which party," writes Bell. "Or we would’ve picked out parties based on the activities at the parties. (My wife would’ve loved the second one. It was at a gymnastics school.) We didn’t split the duties this time because our new daughter is two weeks old and my wife is currently embedded in breastfeeding."

The newbie dad of two goes on to explain that while comedy used to take up nearly every ounce of his life, simply being there for his kids and his wife has come to mean so much more to him.

"I have no idea what I was thinking in booking such an aggressive schedule so soon after the birth of my second child," he goes on. "I guess I thought two kids would only be twice as hard. Two kids isn’t 'twice as hard,' anymore than getting hit by a second train right after the first train is 'twice as hard.'" (Truer words were never spoken.)

"So sorry, Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha, Ferndale, and Cincinnati. ... I f**ked up and I need to scale back some. I still love you. I just love my family more."

Bell's frank post calls to mind some other touching dad posts that have gone viral in the last year, like that of Max Shireson, who stepped down from his CEO job because it was taking him away from his family.

"As a male CEO, I have been asked what kind of car I drive and what type of music I like, but never how I balance the demands of being both a dad and a CEO," Shireson wrote at the time, before announcing that he'd be stepping down from his position.

"I recognize that by writing this I may be disqualifying myself from some future CEO role," he continued. "Will that cost me tens of millions of dollars someday? Maybe. Life is about choices. Right now, I choose to spend more time with my family and am confident that I can continue to have an meaningful and rewarding work life while doing so."

You can read the rest of Bell's post over on his official website.

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Photo via DSL Comedy Theater

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