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Tumblr Blog Shows What Women Wore While Being Catcalled

Tumblr blog shares what women wore while being harrassed

The hot-button topic of street harassment has been on everyone's minds lately, thanks to one very viral video and the floodgate of conversation it's opened up. But a new viral Tumblr blog—named But What Was She Wearing?—is adding to conversation in a whole new way.

The blog was kicked off by Katy Heng back in September, when she gave the world a piece of her mind with one simple post.

"I’m sick of catcalls," she wrote. "I’m sick of guys yelling things out their car windows. I’m sick of them making lewd gestures at me. I’m sick of them honking, staring at me, sizing me up and down like a piece of meat. But you know what I’m REALLY sick of? I’m sick of when I tell someone about what happened, when they respond with some stupid question like 'OK, but what were you wearing?'"

As Heng points out, it doesn't matter what a woman wears when she walks down the street—she should never be objectified or disrespected to begin with. But more importantly, catcalling doesn't just happen to the woman walking down the street in a miniskirt and a tube top. "I get harassed on the street in jeans and a sweater. I get harassed in a dress on my way to work. I get harassed in shorts," writes Heng. "[It] literally does not matter."

So to force the world to get over the meaningless question of "what she was wearing?" once and for all, Heng called upon other girls and women to share photos of what they were wearing when they were catcalled. And boy, did they.

In case you were wondering, these outfits allegedly warranted street harassment:

And this:

Oh, and this:

The women who share their photos also share their stories—which are sometimes weird, sometimes creepy and sometimes disturbing.

Like this college student and her friend, who were walking to the school cafeteria when a guy stuck his head out of a window to yell: "I want your p*ssy."

And one woman, who was making her way home from work when a man leaned over and said to her, "I hope you aren’t a homosexual because you’re a cute little thing and that would suck for a lot of men."

You can see more photos and read the rest of their stories over on But What Was She Wearing? Stop the Catcall.

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