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Adorable Dog Teaches Baby How to Jump

Adorable dog teaches baby how to jump

We may teach our pups how to fetch, sit and beg, but make no mistake—they can be pretty good teachers themselves.

Take the lovable pooch and star of this now-viral video, Dakota. As her tiny human was recently strapped into her Jolly Jumper Exerciser, Dakota (who goes by "Day" for short) noticed she was less than enthusiastic about the prospect of actually jumping in it. In fact, Day thought Baby Alexis could use a lesson or two on how best to use her Jolly Jumper.

So she gave her one.

Pretty adorable, huh? OK, so if you watched closely, you probably caught that, technically, Dakota isn't really teaching Alexis how to jump. As their mom Sabrina shares in the YouTube video description, the video is all-the-more hilarious because Dakota is actually trying to pounce repeatedly on Alexis' shadow. (According to Mom, Dakota kind of has a thing for shadows—a big thing.)

Photo via YouTube

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