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4-Year-Old Triggers Building Implosion

4-year-old triggers building implosion

Getting to press a button and watch an entire building implode right before your very eyes is probably one of the coolest things a 4-year-old boy could do. And that's exactly the dream-come-true moment that happened for one kindergartner named DJ on Saturday, November 7.

The Executive Park Motor Hotel in Atlanta, Ga., had been vacant for some time, and was being torn down to make way for a much better cause: a children's healthcare unit. Still, there were those in the audience that day who couldn't help but feel a little bit of sadness as they watched it all come crumbling down. Like one Georgia couple, who shared with WXIA how they met inside those very walls back in 1980 and married four years later.

But for 4-year-old DJ, he was just plain excited—in part, because he got to do the honors of bringing it all down, but also because he knows how important the children's healthcare center that's replacing it will be. After all, DJ himself was a former patient at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, where he spent a six-month stay after accidentally swallowing a dangerous cleaning solution. But the entire time he was there, he kept his spirits high and wore a superhero cape—which is why Children's Healthcare of Atlanta named Saturday's demolition day "Cape Day," in DJ's honor.

As a crowd of hundreds looked on, and counted backwards together from 10, the 4-year-old pressed that big button and watched all 19 stories fall before him.

"It looked like he was pretty scared at first," said one onlooker. "But once he saw everything collapsing, he just started smiling and was just in shock. He enjoyed it a lot."

It was pretty cool, we have to admit. See it for yourself, below.

Photo via WXIA
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