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'Brave' to 'Rave': Movie Titles With 1 Letter Removed

The idea started over at Reddit, where everyone was challenged to pick a title, remove one letter and share their revised story line with others. Writer-illustrator Austin Light took it one step further and turned this into a daily, month-long project with sketches of scenes from the revised movies.

Light recently shared with Reddit readers his sketches from a notebook he worked in for a month. The results are brilliant. I mean, "Finding Emo"?

Check out what he does with these childhood and teen favorites.

"Brave"? No, "Rave."

"Harry Potter" becomes "Harry Otter"

"Beauty and the [wait for it ...] Beat"

You can see his other titles and illustrations over at Twisted Sifter. At the top of this article, it's "Ron Man," if you must ask.

Images by Austin Light via Twister Sifter

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