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Video Shows How to Escape Your Sleeping Baby

Video hilariously depicts how to exit the room without waking your sleeping baby

There are lots of previously untapped skills that come in handy once you become a parent—ones you maybe didn't even know you had. And in that first year, you perfect them all: one-handed diaper-changes, lightning-fast swaddle techniques ... the list goes on.

But of course, the most important skills of all have to do with your ability to exit a room undetected, without waking your sleeping baby in the process. From your ability to walk across a creaky floor and not make it creak to slowly replacing your own arm with a cuddly teddy bear, your 007 stealth moves are put to the test like no other. But hey, you're up for the challenge, right?

If anyone gets that—and we mean really and truly gets that—it's Esther Anderson, the mom behind the hilarious new video tutorial titled: "Escaping Your Sleeping Baby." The one-minute clip takes us through all the moves parents should master before nap time comes, so they can expertly slip away and reclaim a few precious moments of sanity.

Photo via YouTube

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