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Joe Biden Phone Chats with Toddler

Joe Biden-loving toddler gets a call from the man himself

Three-year-old Avery Bral loves a lot of things, including playing with her dolls, snuggling her little lamby, and dancing to her own beat. But the tiny tot has one other not-so-typical obsession that made its way to the ears of the White House recently: She kind of loves Joe Biden. Like, really, really loves the guy.

And if you're wondering why? Well, she can't quite explain it. "I just do," she adorably told KCCI.

Can't say we blame her—the vice president is pretty lovable (and known for making some pretty memorable gaffs). Which is why it was so cool when the Veep-loving toddler got a phone call last Wednesday from the man himself.

According to KCCI, Biden heard about his mini fan after her grandmother posted a message to his White House website eight months ago. In it, she shared that the little girl is so enamored with him, she regularly calls him on her toy phone. You know, just to chat. So last week, Biden decided to give Avery the surprise of her life when he rang her up for the real thing.

Only problem? Avery's grandma answered. And let's just say she thought the Veep was pulling her leg when he announced himself as Joe Biden.

As Becky Burke later told KCCI, "He said, 'This is Joe Biden' and I said, 'Who the [blank] is this?’ When he said, 'No, really, it's Joe Biden,' I just said, 'I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry I said that to you.'"


No matter—Biden eventually got through to the little girl, whom he chatted with for about five minutes on topics ranging from family to his own grandkids.

You can watch some of the recap below. (It was all pretty adorable.)

While his toddler phone chat was pretty cute, the VP has actually made headlines for some other funny calls in the last few years. One of our favorites? When he attempted to congratulate Marty Walsh on being elected the new mayor of Boston in November 2013. Only problem was he called the wrong Marty Walsh. Twice.

Photo via KCCI

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