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UPDATE: 'Drunk' Girl Video is Fake

Drunk girl roams streets, reactions will shock you

UPDATE: We ran this story yesterday and, like most viewers, we took the video at face value. It turns out we were duped. According to LA Weekly the producers behind this video were hoping to ride the wave of the New York City catcalling video. They planted the men who approached the actress playing the drunk girl. One of the men in the video posted the following on his Facebook page: "Just to let people know, the video that has me in it that's going around the web was all staged and all of the people in it were acting. Please try to refrain from posting or tagging me in this video, as it was staged does not portray myself or any of the other people in it correctly."


In the latest social video experiment to go viral, a young actress pretends to be drunk as she wanders Hollywood Boulevard alone—and the way she's treated by five men she meets along the way is pretty uncomfortable to watch, to say the least. Got a young daughter at home? You might want to sit her down for this one and press play.

As she stumbles along the tourist-lined streets, the young twentysomething in the video (who calls herself "Jennifer") is approached by several men asking her what's wrong and how she's doing. But if you think they're generally concerned about her state of mind and well-being, think again. In each case, Jennifer asked the men where she can find a bus to Culver City. The sad truth? Four out of five of them try and persuade her to come back to their place instead.

"The bus? You don't need to take a bus," says one man who tries to lead her away by the arm. "We're gonna go somewhere else."

"Where?" asks Jennifer.

"To my house," says the man, who then tirelessly proceeds to usher her away from Hollywood Boulevard so they can "hang out."

Even at the end of the clip, when one man swoops in after seeing another trying to get Jennifer home, we quickly realize that he's not actually there to save the day, either. He's just there to get her home with him, too.


The depressing video, which was made by filmmaker and YouTuber Steven Zhang, first got attention after being posted over on Total Frat Move. Though we have to say, the headline choice over there was almost as disappointing as everything that goes down in the video: "Tall, Hot Brunette Acts Drunk in Public to See How Guys Will React, Every Guy Does Exactly What You’d Expect."

Hold on. Why is this behavior we should ever "expect" from men?

The social experiment calls to mind much of the conversation surrounding male street harassment that's gone viral recently. And while there's been plenty of debate over whether or not catcalling is or isn't truly offensive (with our own Te-Erika Patterson and Jay Miranda weighing in on both sides), you can't ignore one very clear fact: Simply walking a street is a whole different ballgame when you're a woman.

Photo via YouTube

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