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Teacher Suspended for Disturbing Ferguson Tweets

Duncanville High School in Dallas, Texas.

Embargoed to Dallas, TX
Photograph by KDAF

As tensions continue to mount in Ferguson, Mo., following the controversial death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, so do those around the country. But this week, a teacher all the way in Texas has been suspended for some strong, racially charged tweets she made about the incident. And believe us, her words will shock you.

According to CNN, Vanita Hegwood, who serves as a high school English teacher at Duncanville High School just outside of Dallas, has been "suspended without pay pending discharge" for the following tweets:

"Who the (expletive) made you dumb (expletive) crackers think I give a squat (expletive) about your opinions re: #Ferguson Kill yourselves," read the first message.

Later that night, Hegwood fired another angry message off into the Twitterverse when she posted: "You exhibit n*gga behavior, I'ma call you a n*gga. You acting crackerish, I'ma call you a cracker."

Yes, folks—these were the tweets written by an English teacher.

Though Hegwood, who is African-American, didn't direct her missives to anyone in particular, their obvious racial implications were enough to cause the Duncanville Independent School District some concern. Lari Barager, the district's spokeswoman, only would comment to say that the messages were deemed "offensive" and "reprehensible" and that they do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of the school's 240 other teachers. After learning of the tweets, a group of administrators met with Hegwood, who is in her second year of teaching, on Monday. It was there that they decided to suspend her, though her professional fate will be decided December 8.

Hegwood has since deleted the Twitter account.

Though pretty shocking all on their own, the English teacher's bigoted comments are hardly the first to reach national attention after the controversial Brown shooting.

Just last month, the Missouri State University newspaper staff printed racially charged language on their front page, to highlight direct quotes made at a Ferguson protest at the school's homecoming game. They included use of the F-word, racial slurs, and quotes like, "Go back to Ferguson!"—which were all hurled at the protesters.

Photo via WTVR

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