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College Kids Stumped by Political Questions

Texas Tech college students stumped by political questions

Recently, members of Texas Tech's political group PoliTech decided to take to the green lawns and sidewalks of their campus to find out if the student body was "politically challenged." Spoiler alert: It would appear so.

Playing anchor for the day, Texas Tech student Courtney Plunk asked random members of her student body all sorts of political history questions you'd think would be easy. Turns out, they were real stumpers.

In the funny yet cringe-inducing clip, Plunk was met with a whole lot of confusion (and some crickets) from her fellow classmates, beginning with her very first question, "Who won the Civil War?"

"Like, the one in 1965?" says one student, alluding of course to the Civil Rights Movement. (Doh!)

"... We did?" says another girl. She then clarified by saying, "The South."

See, Mom? All that time spent prepping for SATs and budgeting for college were well worth it! (We kid.)

Photo via YouTube

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